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Mechaduino 0.1 sent to manufacturer

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Tropical Labs.  We’ve been painstakingly refining our next Mechaduino board design.  This version features hardwired connections to the motor driver and encoder (no more jumpers!), fewer through-hole components (only connectors), 5V compatible level shifters on D0 and D1, and a more thoughtful board layout.  The new boards will be slightly smaller, and will not overhang the edge of a NEMA 17 motor.  We also arranged our power connections so that a 3 terminal 5V regulator (the classic 7805 or a modern switching equivalent), could be installed for single supply operation.

Earlier this week, we wrapped up the final schematic/board layout and sent the designs to our manufacturer, MacroFab.  The latest designs files are available on github.


4 thoughts on “Mechaduino 0.1 sent to manufacturer

  1. I’d like one.

  2. cool project, thanks your share

  3. will there be tutorials on how to connect and controle it? i’m a cnc enthousiast but i’m really bad at electronics. at the same time i’m really interested in these simple closed loop solutions.

    1. Absolutely. We’ll post some documentation on this soon.

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