Coffee Maker Delta

Built on a Norelco 12 coffee maker.  True delta kinematics.  This page under construction.





Over the past two years, Tropical Labs engineers have been developing a flexible design for ultra-affordable 3D printers.  Please steal our design.


There are many DIY 3D printer designs available on the internet.  Check out the RepRap project for some examples.  While there are dozens of designs out there, almost all of them require precision rails/bearings.  Most printers require two precision rails and at least three linear bearings per axis, for a total of 6 rails and 9-12 bearings.  Even so called “delta” printers tend to actually be linear-delta machines, requiring just as many rails/bearings.  It’s these precision components that really drive the trade between price and precision in a DIY printer….

Many DIY designs require 3D printed parts.  It’s pretty cool that you can build parts for a 3D printer on a 3D printer, but, what if you don’t have a 3D printer in the first place?



At the heart of any FDM 3D printer (as opposed to SLA, and other technologies) is a positioning system with three degrees of freedom.  We chose to avoid using linear rails/bearings entirely by using a true Clavel or delta positioning system.  A good explanation of the kinematics can be found here.

The Delta Mechanism





Arduino Mega + Ramps 1.4 + A4988 drivers + 12V power Supply


We used a slightly modified version of the FirePick Delta version Marlin.


Heated Bed

The Finished Product